Scabies Treatment

Scabies Are Tiny Mites That Live On and Under Your Skin.

They Breed and Eat (They are Literally Eating YOU!) and Yes, They Defecate Inside You Too!

Scabies Mites Tunneling Through & Eating Human Skin

What Are Scabies? How Do You Get Them?

Scabies are NOT a disease. You can't get rid of them with an antibiotic. They are a pest, a parasite. You get them from contact with another human being who has them. That contact can be direct skin-to-skin or it can be indirect like touching a door handle or sitting on a chair touched by someone who has scabies.

Getting scabies is not your fault. It's just bad luck. There is currently a major epidemic of scabies in the United States and in many other countries all around the world. It's actually getting to be a very common itchy problem. You don't hear about it very much because people are ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it.

What Treatment Should You Use to Get Rid of Scabies?

We are the only authorized resellers of Scabies-Killer Brand treatments.

Scabies-Killer Scabies Treatments are completely UNIQUE. There is no other regimen like it. They have a Proprietary Enzyme Formula that NO ONE else has to Pre-Treat your Skin AND Kill Scabies in Your Environment. (Yes, they're in your house & cars.)

The combination of the Enzyme-based Pre-Treatment and the Oil-based Treatments in a "One, Two Punch" regimen is why Scabies-Killer Brand products are so unique. If you want to get rid of scabies, try using Scabies-Killer brand products.

The "Starter Kit" Gives You Everything You Need to Get Started Becoming Scabies-Free

The Starter Kit Contains:

  • 8 oz Hot Oil Bath (1 bottle)
  • 8 oz Enzyme Bath (1 bottle)
  • 8 oz Scabies Killer Formula (2 bottles)
  • 8 oz Enzyme Spray (2 bottles)
  • Sprayer for Furniture Spray
  • 12 oz Diatomaceous Earth (1 bottle)
  • 8 oz Laundry Concentrate (2 bottles)
  • 2 oz Furniture Spray Concentrate (5 bottles)
  • Instruction Sheet
  • PLUS: You get FREE help over the phone with a USA-based Scabies Expert!

How to Use the Starter Kit:

The first 2 days, take an Enzyme Bath followed by a Hot Oil Bath.


In the morning spray your affected areas with the enzyme spray and allow it to dry. Then rub the affected areas with the oil and work it into the skin. If possible, do not wash or shower it off.


In the evening, spray your affected areas with the enzyme spray and allow it to dry. Then rub the affected areas with the oil and work it into the skin. Do not wash or shower it off.


Use the Laundry Concentrate on your clothes and Change Clothes Daily. Never wear an article of clothing more than one day.

Use the Furniture Spray on all your fabric furniture where you sit. DON'T FORGET TO SPRAY THE CARS.

Use the Diatomaceous Earth to sprinkle on your sheets unless you are washing your sheets DAILY.