About Us

Here is our awesome family team:

Peter draws on his interests in natural health and his organic farming experience to find and formulate the best natural health solutions.

peter Dudek


Lisa loves to sing and loves social interactions. Social media came along and has become a perfect fit for her many talents and interests.

Lisa Dudek


John is an analytical numbers and systems guy. His attention to detail and his desire to strive for perfection in everything insure excellent product quality for you.

john Dudek


Chandler is a people person. His natural easy-going, yet fearless manner makes him the perfect person to manage our growing team of great people.

chandler Dudek


We believe God has provided everything we need to survive and thrive on this planet. He has also given people intelligence and creativity to learn, grow and invent. We draw upon the bounties He has provided along with the centuries of countless experimentation and development by our predecessors to create & locate the best natural solutions for your health and wellness. We make Clean Cures for YOU!

peter dudek

We're a tight-knit family that has been involved in supporting healthy lifestyles for decades.

In the early years, we owned and operated a small family organic farm. After our farm was lost (due to some very unscrupulous people and our being very naïve) we found ourselves homeless with 5 children, 4 farm dogs and way too many farm cats.

But God was good to us and a kindly group of people from a local church helped us get on our feet again.

During that time of chaos, our youngest daughter caught head lice from the girl down the street. The lice spread to other members of our family and we battled them for months. The traditional poisons were completely ineffective.

That's when Peter (dad) decided to use his organic farming experience of killing bugs without using poison to formulate an all-natural, yet very effective head lice treatment.

The treatment worked so well that we decided to create a line of products and sell them on the Internet. Thus, in 2006, LiceKiller.com was born.

Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of families get rid of lice. And our product lines have grown. We added products to treat body lice and scabies. We have also developed products for killing fleas.

Now, as the public has become more and more interested in using natural remedies for health issues, we have re-dedicated ourselves to curating and formulating even more products for more problems. To provide a central location for all of our products and recommendations, we have created this website CleanCures.com to better serve you.

But our dedication to quality and efficacy remains unchanged. We ONLY use the best quality ingredients. Everything is made in the U.S.A. 

Our online shopping infrastructure is second to none - your transactions are 100% secure. 

We ship our products using FedEx and our packaging does not reveal any information about the contents. Your total privacy is assured.

We care deeply about our products and our customers. We hope you let our family help you and your family achieve the health goals you have using our all-natural products here on CleanCures.com.

And may God bless you and your loved ones.

The Dudek Family: Camille Dudek, Chandler Dudek, Peter Dudek, Lisa Dudek, John Dudek, Alex Diaz (w/Alina), Candice Diaz, Joseph Dudek