We do NOT sell our products on Amazon. If you see our products on Amazon, they are fakes.

Why don't we sell on Amazon? First of all, when a product starts doing well, bad people (including Amazon itself) create cheap knock-offs or outright fake versions of the product. It happened to us.

Secondly, we found out that competitors create fake bad reviews. That's totally unfair.

Thirdly, there are astronomical fees charged by Amazon. We don't have a very big margin of profit. Amazon is just too greedy. We use VERY EXPENSIVE ingredients. If you want cheap knock-offs from China, feel free to order on Amazon. But if you see our brand on Amazon, they are NOT our products. They are fakes.

We are a small family company. We manufacture and bottle our own products right at our own premises. We CARE about quality and effectiveness.

Get one of our REAL kits from US directly here on this website. 

If you have any questions, you can call and talk to a real person, our experts, based here in the United States. Our customer service and telephone ordering number is 559-909-5123.