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Are you looking for solutions that don't use toxic chemicals or poisons? But you want all-natural healthy products that actually work? You've come to the right place! Explore. Learn. Shop!

Skin Problems? Hair Problems? Got Pests? Need to Lose Weight? Got Aches & Pains?


Nature provides countless ingredients to help people and their animals and plants thrive. When those ingredients are combined using skill and the wisdom of thousands of years of trial and error, you get wonderful solutions for your problems.


In these times of global supply and ruthless and dishonest marketing, there are products out there that claim to use good ingredients but don't. In short, they lie about what's in the products. We're a small family company and we...

quality MATTERS

Not all "natural" ingredients are created equal. Some are wonderful. Others have been diluted with inferior quality fillers and additives. Some unscrupulous companies even use ingredients that are anything BUT natural, yet advertise them as being "all-natural". If you really want the best quality, you need...

Here is our awesome family team:

Peter draws on his interests in natural health and his organic farming experience to find and formulate the best natural health solutions.

peter Dudek


Lisa loves to sing and loves social interactions. Social media came along and has become a perfect fit for her many talents and interests.

Lisa Dudek


John is an analytical numbers and systems guy. His attention to detail and his desire to strive for perfection in everything insure excellent product quality for you.

john Dudek


Chandler is a people person. His natural easy-going, yet fearless manner makes him the perfect person to manage our growing team of great people.

chandler Dudek

human resources DIRECTOR

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We believe God has provided everything we need to survive and thrive on this planet. He has also given people intelligence and creativity to learn, grow and invent. We draw upon the bounties He has provided along with the centuries of countless experimentation and development by our predecessors to create & locate the best natural solutions for your health and wellness. We make Clean Cures for YOU!

peter dudek